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Risk Management and Safety  

Below is a list of helpful hints for your Yoga practice. Always err on the side of caution.

·         Best to let participants to be guided by their comfort . If they experience any pain, allow them to stop what you are doing and adjust the pose to suit their new needs or lay down.  


·         Encourage a healthy snack for after class.  


·         Allow participants at least 15 minutes to rest after class before they drive. It is also a nice time to connect with your participants. 


·         Do not allow participants to participate in hot yoga if their health care professional has advised them to you to avoid cardiovascular activity, it's best to avoid practicing hot yoga.  


Prenatal Safety


1. Always ask your participants if they are pregnant, and which trimester they are in . Yoga instructors should keep the temperature below 100 degrees (37.7 ) when they have a pregnant participant in the room as a safety precaution. It is not necessarily dangerous for the baby, as pregnant women work or vacation in hot places, sometimes get fevers and still take hot baths with absolutely no side effects, but it is better to be safe. Because of thermoregulation, core temperatures can remain stable even when the external temperature changes.  

2. Advise participants to be hydrated before, during and after class . Allow participants free to leave the class at any time to use the toilet (for pregnant women changing hormones cause this happen almost as soon as the pregnancy begins).Allow pregnant participants to set up their yoga mats in coolest part of the room or near an open door or window. 

3.  Allow participants that feel dizzy or unwell at all to lay down until it passes, or leave the room to get some air. Our bodies gets signals of distress before the baby is affected so you must be listening closely. 

4. Instructors should prepare themselves for a flood of emotions to come sometimes . With so many hip opening poses, combined with hormones and a heightened emotional state, the tears may flow. Crying is a great cleanser, so do not let this discourage you from continuing them to practice. 

5. Allow pregnant participants to be guided by their comfort . Pregnant participants may experience  pain, stop what they are doing and adjust their pose to suit their needs or lay down or allow them to use a wall or mirror for support. For example, a back bend may feel wonderful in your first trimester, but in your third, a vulnerable lower back and stretching abdominal muscles may not feel right. Respect their new and changing limitations. 

6. Find out where the cooler parts of the room are . Recommend cooler areas for pregnant participants to ensure their maximum comfort. 

7. Hot yoga is often practiced by highly active people that are used to a strong practice . Pregnancy is not a time for this or practicing at a reduced capacity level would be strongly advised.